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Carbun8 offers off-the-shelf customizable range of products for enhancing subscriber engagement, lifetime value and loyalty.


Our products can be integrated seamlessly with integration through our Loyalty and Subscriber Engagement Module which helps driving traffic on online recharge platform – WAP | APP | WEB


Enhancing Engagement by making each interaction with the brand, fun and rewarding, statistics suggest that gamification impacts positively, increasing engagement in 12 out of 15 instances.

Complementing the same, Carbun8 offers fully customizable products :

Be your


grandmaster !

Be lucky on your every instance !

On-Demand Services

On-Demand services give subscribers access to information at their convenience and will.

Carbun8 offers global & regional content under our product portfolio :

Providing latest movie reviews and Bollywood updates

Providing weather updates for subscribers across Telecom Operators

Latest news, Sports updates, Yoga Training, Extreme Sports, Musical Instrument Tutorials and much more...





Video On


Content Distribution & Partnerships

Sales As Service 

Carbun8 has been representing Content Creators across Telecom Operators and Handset Manufacturers,

and continue to represent a niche of content creators across geographies. Distributing customized content through a large database helps in boosting sales & driving growth for partners.

Some of the partners associated :

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